1. Leonardo Santi

    What? Where are the details? The article stops, was cut off, ends. “Here’s some of the benefits of the new product development process in a nutshell.” Then, nothing. Who did this? Not too bright. While nice, good to know, even usefully instructive, the referenced articles under “You might like:” are not what was expected considering the interesting title of the article. Disappointed. Leonard

    • junef2013

      Dear Mr. Santi,

      A link to the benefits of new product development ‘in a nutshell’ list was present in the original post but due to an oversight it was not bolded. If you return to the post, you will see that the link has now been bolded and you can follow it for more information. You are also welcome to connect with us regarding any questions you have about the new product development process through the “Contact” button at the bottom of the Team page on our website.


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