As we transition into the next phase of IPS’ Great Relationships in Product Design campaign we are shifting our focus on “Building” great relationships. There are many aspects that go into building a great relationship, but one of the most essential factors is being able to effectively collaborate with others. Collaboration is vital in developing the best design. Day in and day out, IPS handles an array of projects from multiple industries which results in every day being a little different. This challenge excites our engineers because they are constantly finding a solution to a variety of customer projects and problems.

By demonstrating one of the company’s core values, “Together We’ll Do Great Things” IPS continues to build mutual trust and gain momentum after the initial relationship is formulated.  When done correctly, collaboration ultimately saves money, time, headaches and even heart attacks! The purpose of the LEGO Hackathon was to demonstrate regardless of what kind of project or problem is presented, IPS will always tackle the problem through successful cross-department relationships and straight talk communication.  The LEGO Hackathon allowed us to showcase how together we can do great things.

The hackathon started with an IPS team member picked one of the four themes out of a hat which told them what they would have to build in only 45 minutes. The team members were only allowed to use the LEGOs they were provided and had no prior knowledge of what they were going to have to build . The task they chose was to build an amusement park.

They had to find a solution through teamwork, open mindedness and synergy to get the project done efficiently and effectively. When the theme was picked I personally thought that it was impossible for them to build something great, especially with the time deadline and having 1,500 LEGOs scattered across the table.

However, according to IPS Mechanical Engineer Daniella Strat, who has over 25 years of expertise in the industry,

“there is no such thing as impossible, just haven’t come across the answer yet.”

Similar to a brain storm session that the engineers are accustomed to with real projects, they started to discuss possible solutions which led to ideas flying out back and forth. It was evident that each team member cared about their work, but they also cared about the work of others. The brainstorm then turned into delegating who was going to build what and how they were going to put it all together at the end. They did this by utilizing certain team member’s strengths and by how long it would take to complete. Once, the decision was made on who was going to build what, they were off. The creativity and teamwork was incredible.

With 10 minutes remaining everyone finished up what they were doing and started to put together the amusement park. Not a second went to waste. It was remarkable to see so many great minds come together to build something. They acted like a true team and when a team member was struggling someone always stepped up to add valuable insight. Collaboration goes beyond talking. To the point of let me tell you about this because I want us to be successful.

The finished product was amazing!