IoT Solutions: Launch of a Product Design Practice

We’ve recently launched a new IoT solutions product design practice that is concentrated solely on the Internet of Things. As a natural extension of our work, this practice provides companies with both hardware and software design expertise for IoT products. Our experience in wireless technology, connected devices and applications leveraging cloud-based resources offers those in the IoT sector a range of product design and development services for specific technologies including wearables, home automation, healthcare devices, industrial automation and more. As part of the practice, we will provide services that include Conceptual Development, UX/UI design, Feasibility Studies, Security, and Design for Manufacturing. Designing IoT solutions isn’t a foreign task for our engineers and designers. We’ve engaged in this type of product design for multiple clients such as AdhereTech and Canary.

IoT Solutions for AdhereTech

In the healthcare sector, we’ve helped design AdhereTech’s second generation of smart pill bottles. The device contains multiple features including audible and visual alerts to remind patients to take their medications. The smart pill bottles send notifications to patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals when patients do not take their medication, helping to improve adherence to medication.

IoT Solutions for Canary

We helped Canary with the design of a “connected” home security device, that features motion detection and a camera. The device monitors a home for safety along with air quality, humidity, temperature and more. In addition, we integrated IoT technology into an existing HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) appliance, including design of the interface between WiFi and the existing HVAC controls. This practice allows us to help clients identify value propositions and then execute on product visions. Other capabilities that our IoT practice includes are sensor integration, wireless communications, cloud based storage and analytics through to user-centered applications featuring actionable information. Read the full press release here. Contact us here for more info on our IoT services.

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