IPS’ 10th Anniversary Celebration Series: Joe Toro

Celebrating a Decade of Unrelenting Dedication to Great Product Design

In 2008, we opened our doors with the goal of building a full-service design and engineering company. With some ups and downs, we have become the company our founders envisioned and are now celebrating our first #DecadeofDesign. 

IPS’ celebration interviews showcase personal, fun and thoughtful stories from some of IPS’ longest tenured employees.   The series gives an inside look from the people that represent the values and dedication that have served as a cornerstone our first decade.


  1. What is your name?

Joseph Toro

  1. What is your position at IPS?

Senior Director of Industrial Design

  1. How long have you worked at IPS?

8 Years

  1. What was your first contact with IPS?

Doing freelance work with IPS through a meeting with an old friend who had worked with them prior.

  1. What was the product design field like when you first got started working with IPS?

Product design has always been healthy in the New York Metro area.  The northeast has always had many Industrial Design consulting firms that serve a broad range of markets.  I noted early on that IPS was going to be much different than those however.

  1. What were some of the main challenges for you over the time you’ve worked at IPS?

I can say with certainty that working at IPS has been the best work experience of my life.  That being said, my main challenge has been pace and exposure.  The project pace is fast with high expectations which I love.  By exposure I mean showing the other functional groups the value Industrial Design brings.  This is ongoing and is best accomplished by example.  I think the ID group has contributed greatly to the overall image of IPS and the stories we tell our prospective clients.

  1. Looking back, what changes in the industry and IPS have you seen over those years?

I think IPS created some of that change, at least in the New York area.  Prior there was no truly multidisciplinary product development group.  I am convinced that this truly helped many of our clients by unburdening them from the tedium of managing multiple groups to fulfill a given project.

  1. From your perspective, what would you say are IPS’ greatest accomplishments over the years?

My feeling is less about a specific win, award or project.  To me the question actually runs somewhat counter to what I see as the character within IPS.  What I see is a group of people who truly love what they do, work together well and bring this to every project they work on, regardless of size.  The result is clients who come back again and again.  But it is more than just saying IPS has good client retention.  It is the reason behind the retention that is the accomplishment, and that resides within each and every person in the office.  That is a very uncommon thing indeed.

  1. Please share one memory of a funny situation/scenario that you’ve encountered, thanks to IPS, over the last 10 years.

Joseph Savelli frantically looking for his wallet only to have someone find it in the fridge.  I only wish I could say I have never done that, but alas I cannot.

  1. Describe what IPS means to you, on a personal level, in 15 words or less.

IPS is where I feel compelled to be, period.

Decade of Design: Celebrating IPS’ 10 Years of Serious Work, Serious Fun!


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