Intelligent Product Solutions is a proud member of the Medical Alley Association, a Minneapolis-based association that features some of the world’s best medical device makers.

In 1984, The Medical Alley Association was formed. The organization was tasked to be the caretaker of Minnesota’s future healthcare success. Medical Alley ranks as world’s #1 Health Technology Cluster for innovation, outpacing Northern California, Boston, and Israel. In 2015, Medical Alley was enshrined in the Smithsonian as one of 6 American “Places of Invention.”

What is Medical Alley?

It is the community made up of medical device, biopharmaceutical, diagnostic and digital health industry leaders.  It is the birthplace of the modern medical device industry, as well as a region of unparalleled innovation in clinical research and healthcare delivery.

Medical Alley is a global leader in enabling health technology and care organizations to innovate, succeed and influence the evolution of healthcare. By influencing policy, delivering actionable information and intelligence and connecting members with critical resources, we work to ensure that Minnesota’s Medical Alley remains the world’s strongest health technology community.

As a member of Medical Alley, IPS is committed to being a leader in the development of innovative healthcare technology.