Cindy Wu, a Stony Brook University computer science major from Brooklyn, was selected as the second IPS scholarship recipient for the 2018 school year.  This is the second year of the IPS scholarship program, awarding $2,500 annually to each scholarship recipient, to help support and develop future generations of female engineering and computer science students.

According to Mitch Maiman, President of IPS,

“Cindy is a very talented Computer Science major, and we are proud to support her education and career advancement with this scholarship.”

According to Cindy Wu,

“I  hope to become a software developer that helps to solve problems.  I really appreciate this scholarship and my family does too.  Money has always been a worry for me, and with this scholarship, I can worry less about my finances and focus on my studies.”

A panel of Stony Brook University faculty selected Cindy and Kmely Wang for this scholarship, based on their academic excellence and demonstrated an interest in innovation.

We recently caught up with Cindy to learn more about their interests and career plans.

What are your career interests and goals?

My interest in computer science began in 10th grade. I took a required computer science course. It wasn’t love at first sight. Before CS was introduced into my life, I only had eyes for biology.  The course felt like walking up a steep hill. It was doable, but it took extra effort to get started and then once I got to the peak of understanding, the rest was simple.  This also describes how I feel when coding a project, the result makes up for the initial struggle.

Currently, I hope to become a software developer that helps solve problems.  I want to be the one finding clever answers using my wit.  To me, critical thinking is the key to success. My interest in biology remains, particularly in neurobiology. There are many opportunities to apply my knowledge to advancements in this field, such as modeling and analysis of the brain.

Why this scholarship is important to me?

Thank you for supporting my education. With greater education, we can form a better world.  We can all get a better understanding of ourselves, others and expand our worldview.  Please know that what you have done makes a huge impact not only on individual lives but society as a whole.

What is your proudest accomplishment? 

This year I have no meal plan, so I must cook for myself.  I have always been a frugal person, so I avoid eating out and purchase my own groceries to save money. I am proud that I have survived this semester with work, school, cooking and other chores normally done by my parents at home. I am proud that I have a job on campus because I make my own money and it makes me feel more independent.

What are your favorite classes at Stony Brook?

At Stony Brook, my favorite courses have been math courses or computer science courses with more math involved.  These courses involved problem solving and I enjoyed the creative solution.

IPS Scholarship – Stony Brook University

As part of IPS’ Scholarship, we will provide scholarship support for an undergraduate student in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences entering their junior year majoring in mechanical engineering expressing an interest in pursuing a career in a fast-paced consulting firm.