Optical Engineering

IPS offers Optical Engineering services which include opto-mechanical system layout, design, prototyping, feasibility studies, and analysis. We design CCD & other imaging and optical sensing technology systems, including fabrication and tooling. With decades of experience in advanced data capture, we also design laser and mirror/lens systems, and scientific/medical instruments and displays along with high speed zoom and auto-focus systems. Our OE capabilities also extend to optomechatronic system analysis, sensors and actuators, laser processing, prototyping and testing.

Optical Engineering Capabilities
Systems Analysis
Optomechatronic System Packing
Precision Optical System Design
Lens System Design

Proof of Concept Breadboards

Optical System Prototypes

Molded Optical Components for High Volume Manufacturing
High Speed Scanning Systems Involving Moving Optics and Beam Steering

Expertise in Microwave, Infrared, Visible Light and X-Ray to Gamma Ray Systems

Optoelectronics including Detectors, Sensors, Cameras, LED and Laser Based Technologies

Specialists in
Applied Physics and Optical Engineering
Opto-Mechanical and Opto-Electronic Design and Fabrication
Optical System Prototyping and Assembly

Optical Design Tools
LabView Development Platform