Program Management

IPS' Program Management team dedicates all its high caliber professionalism to our customers' projects and programs. Managing design and implementation processes and procedures is a challenging task. Versatility and professionalism in the face of difficulties, teamwork as a response to changing environments and a continuous sense of ownership, leadership and attention to detail are the hallmarks of the experience of working with us. We are process oriented, foster team spirit and take great pride in the numerous words of commendation from our clients and the fact that our customers request IPS' individual Program Managers by name. In addition to having solid engineering backgrounds with technical and analytical focus, our team fully understands the surrounding product development business and has the ability to work directly with senior technical and marketing staff.

Area of knowledge and SME
Agile Software Development Management
Product Development
Application Development
Relational Database Systems
Search Engine Optimization
Business Analysis
Root Cause Lifecycle Process Management
Embedded Systems Analysis
Performance Metrics and Trend Analysis
Prediction Analysis
Supply Chain Analysis
Design for Plastics and Injection Molding
Die and Investment Castings
Sheet Metal Design and Fabrication
Design for Milling and Machining
Agency Certifications/Regulatory Approvals
Cost Reduction and Value Engineering
Test and Validation, Product Quality Management
Strategic Planning
Financial Planning Budgeting and Tracking
Sr. Management Reporting and Presentations
Portfolio Management
Patent Applications, Searches, and Intellectual Property
Training: (materials development, course outline, teach)
Marketing Campaigns
Risk Assessment and Management
Resource Planning
ISO Audit Preparation
Meeting Facilitation, Brainstorming and Minutes

Industry Experience
Medical Devices
Consumer Goods
Information Technologies
Data Center Management
Networking (wired and wireless)
Bio Technology
Life Sciences
Food and Beverage

Education and Training

Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Software Engineering
Computer Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Industrial Design
Systems Engineering