UX/UI Design

At IPS, we approach user experience with a system level view of product design and development that balances technological, business and human needs. While our capabilities encompass everything from design of mobile apps and web design to ergonomic hardware and human/machine interface, our approach is always the same: each and every stakeholder is considered and their optimal experience addressed. We apply cross-disciplinary collaboration and consider the implications of all design decisions on the overall experience. Leveraging the experience of all functions from Software to EE, ME and ID, we converge on elegant solutions deploying both empathetic and structured engineering processes. This approach enables the understanding, vision and direction that shape the quality of end user experience.


High Level Brainstorming with Multifunctional Teams
Focused Tactical Brainstorming
IP / Patent / Competitive Landscape Research
Qualitative and Quantitative Research SWOT Analysis
User Interviews and Observation
Human Factors / Usability Research
Persona Development
Experience Map
Logic flow in Conjunction with IPS Software Department
Wireframe Development Low to High Fidelity
Paper Prototypes
Low Fidelity Interactive Prototype
Image Boards
Graphic and Visual Language Development / Design
Style Guides
Design / Flow Specification Documents
Pixel Guides
Final Asset Development
JIRA Tracking in Conjunction with IPS Software Department