As engineers with our hearts and homes on Long Island, we were looking for a daily tracker that shows COVID-19 statistics for what’s happening in our backyard. When we could not find a suitable tool, we decided to make our own.

We found this information useful, and thought you would too. We will do our best to keep this data up to date. Please stay safe and we’ll all get through this, together while apart.

Ensure that Your Remote Team is Set Up for Success

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As the government mandates that employees work from home, you may find yourself in need of new digital infrastructure or training on how to stay productive. We can help!

Since 2008, our team at Intelligent Product Solutions has served as a remote workforce for our clients, both domestic and global, developing expertise with the tools and processes necessary to maintain high productivity, regardless of the team’s proximity or location.

We are offering a free 1-hour consultation, where you will learn what digital infrastructure tools are essential for your specific business needs, and what best practices can be leveraged to manage your team and your customers.

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