Markets & Specialties


Experienced in designing and developing products for medical and dental professionals, IPS’ team is laser-focused on maximizing user experience, the accuracy of data and effectiveness of treatment. Hardware is designed for durability and ease of maintenance.  As healthcare is driven into the home environment and into the hands of consumers, software that delivers data in real time to inform patients, health providers and loved ones is increasing in importance as has consumer-focused UX/UI design.

Medical Solutions Provided For:

AdhereTech Smart Pill Bottle
iKeyp Smart Safe
CVR Global Carotid Stenosis Scan Device

 “I viewed my time working with the IPS team as a natural extension of our internal resources.  IPS has a truly turn-key environment that allows their development team to quickly come up to speed on a project and hand-off critical tasks within their organization as a project’s scope expands.  IPS’ work on mixed signal hardware design for our product allowed for a natural transition to assist in architecting and crafting the device’s firmware. Once IPS completed firmware development, they worked alongside our software engineering team to integrate a feature-complete system that we fielded for clinical trials and FDA submission.”

– Lewis Crenshaw, VP of Program Management & Product Development, CVR Global

Vehicle Tech

The future is here in the form of autonomous vehicles on land, sea and in the air. With extensive roots in the design and engineering of driven and driverless vehicles, vehicle interiors, as well as the traditional, electric and hybrid systems to power them, IPS is uniquely positioned to design and prototype for most aspects of the transportation market. Vehicle and parts tracking are also a specialty.

Vehicle Tech Solutions Provided For:

EMD Hybrid Systems
Andretti Autosport Software Application
SUNY Stony Brook Hybrid Shuttle Bus

Government & DoD

With decades of experience in the aerospace and defense contract engineering, IPS engineers and designers bring expertise to the table in the accountability, reliability and … to offer unparalleled service to the defense markets.  The team’s burgeoning practice in global cybersecurity provides customers with the high-level protection and privacy which is important to all customers, but acutely critical to this market.

Solutions Provided For:

US Navy
North Atlantic Industries

Retail & Consumer

IPS designs wearables and mobile software application solutions for asset visibility/location and to track customer shopping patterns in stores and warehouses. While improving customer experience these systems also provide actionable analytics for retailers and logistics efficiencies for shippers.  Our experts in data capture and payment systems also engineer complete solutions for smart vending and sales tracking/reporting in real time.

Retail & Consumer Solutions Provided For:

AB InBev Beer Box
Zebra (Motorola Solutions)
EyeTemp Heat Source Monitor


Producing expertly engineered mechanical and IoT controls for industrial applications in security, detection, wireless networking, remote monitoring and analytics, IPS’ software and hardware teams provide solutions for transportation systems, equipment maintenance, next-gen outdoor wireless systems, warehouse asset tracking, and transportation checkpoint security systems.

Industrial Solutions Provided For:

T3 Tracker Trade-show Package Tracker
Zebra SmartLens Warehouse Inventory Tracking Device
Zebra SmartFreight Warehouse Inventory Tracking Software


Ongoing changes in smart lighting technology and control have propelled this market into new territories. IPS has deep knowledge of LED technologies and their value in a wide array of industries. The team is experienced integrating these technologies with legacy traditional lighting systems and also designs and deploys easy-to-use connected control systems. We’re resource for the turnkey lighting solutions of today.

Lighting Solutions Provided For:

Lighticians Juicer App
Imtra Yacht Lighting Solutions
Centralite Light Switch Automation
Mr. Beams Outdoor Lighting Solutions
Local Roots


IPS Engineering, Software and UX/UI teams deliver complete Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for both industrial and consumer applications. We provide the full range of services necessary to design, engineer and connect devices, and to design and develop mobile software applications to capture and send data to the cloud, provide analytics and convert data to reliable information of value. Our experience in sensor development includes physical environment, optical, and biometric.

Wearable Tech

Sustained growth in wearable technology computing/scanning and self-quantification products continues in both consumer and enterprise categories. IPS’ wearable technology developers design and engineer efficient, effective wearable technology solutions for fast-paced, high performance use cases. We develop products for use in markets including warehousing, logistics, biomedicine, field service and construction.

Wearable Tech Solutions Provided For:

Librestream Onsight Cube Wearable Camera
Zebra Technologies Wearable Headset Computer
SUNY Stony Brook tongue-operated mouse

Digital Signs & Kiosks

The changing face of many industry sectors —  including retail, hospitality, healthcare and logistics —  require innovations to smart signage and interactive display technologies that support faster information relay and data collection. IPS’ mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software and embedded systems teams works in collaboration with the industrial Design and UX/UI group to design and engineer high tech controller boards for displays with video capabilities, touchscreen interface and custom lighting.

Digital Signs & Kiosks Solutions Provided For:

Compass Smart Realty Sign
Pepsico Smart Vending
Park Assist Parking Garage Monitor
Zebra Digital E Ink Display
Hoplite Portable Battery Charger Kiosk