We provide solutions for every IT challenge.

Cloud Strategy

If you need cloud enablement, migration or development, our engineers can help, whether you’re moving legacy applications to the cloud or creating new ones.

IoT Solutions

We’ll connect your “things” and ensure your data passes securely from sensors, to mobile apps, to cloud and everywhere in between.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation doesn’t have to be complex or challenging. Having a thorough plan of attack is essential to creating a successful roadmap.

Data Analytics and AI

We’ll design complex algorithms while giving you a user-friendly interface for processing your large data into critical information.

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Today, data security is more important than ever. Our GDPR and HIPAA experts are here to help you cover all the bases and ensure that your systems are safe and secure.

Application Development

Working with over 30 frameworks and technologies each year allows our team to bring a bespoke app development experience that’s custom tailored to meet your goals.

The IPS Agile Process

IPS Agile favors the rapid demonstration of working functionality over robustly defined scope, bringing solutions to life quickly to meet the increasing demand from end-users. Our robust quality processes ensure that each two-week milestone is thoroughly tested before being placed into anyone’s hands.

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Co-development of Healthcare IoT Software:
Software as a Medical Tool (SaMT)

Discover the vital components and capabilities behind running successful medical applications that impact every aspect of medicine and medical care.