IPS- Designed Smart Pill Bottle Featured in the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

The smart pill bottle, which has earned numerous accolades, was featured in “Access+Ability,” an exhibition of health technology exhibit at Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York City.

The Cooper Hewitt exhibit “Access+Ability” features more than 70 works from adaptive clothing and eating implements that assist with daily routines to apps and “smart” technologies that aid in social interactions and navigating the environment.

AdhereTech came to IPS with a fully functioning prototype which had been used to conduct preliminary medical product testing. IPS’ testing revealed a number of potential issues with the original design, which necessitated a complete redesign.

Among its many recognitions, the AdhereTech Smart Pill Bottle received the 2017 A’ Design Award in the Medical Product Design category. In 2016, the Smart Pill Bottle received the prestigious GOOD DESIGN Award.

Cooper Hewitt’s Top 100 Objects of 2018

Cooper Hewitt recognized AdhereTech’s Smart Pill Bottle again, naming them as one of their Top 100 Objects of 2018

The seven-year-old digital health startup continues to be a disruptor in the healthcare field. AdhereTech is one of the few companies that is successfully addressing the enormous problem of medication nonadherence, estimated by some analysts to result in over $300 billion in annual avoidable costs.

Among the most common reasons people do not take prescribed medication are: failure to remember timing, to take proper doses, or to refill prescriptions. AdhereTech’s smart, wireless pill bottles use sensor and cellular technologies to remind people to take pills. If doses are missed, the system sends gentle reminders to users or caregivers, such as customized text messages, phone calls, and/or on-bottle lights and chimes.