Entervise Communication Software is a remote expert collaboration application leveraging the HC1 headset computer by Zebra Technologies. It provides hands-free access to libraries of data, documents and imagery to the field technician as well as offering real-time sharing of voice, data, video streaming and annotated imagery between the field technician and a remote expert anywhere in the world where there is internet access.

Entervise, a multidiscliplinary collaboration between IPS’ UX/UI, Software and Product Marketing/Communications teams, is also device agnostic and can be developed for any operating system.

Development of Entervise, the fully voice-operated product encompassed:

User Research
Interviews, needs and tasks analysis, contextual inquiry.

User Scenarios building
Based on research and brainstorming – personas, scripts, storyboards and videos.

Flow Charts
Detailed behavior and flow specification documents.

Prototyping/testing quick cycles
Low Fidelity prototype (Paper Based), Medium Fidelity Prototype (Illustrator, InDesign, Omnigraffe), High Fidelity Prototype (Interactive).

IPS proud to have partnered with the Palo Alto Research Center to create Entervise. Renowned for its expertise in transformative technology development and implementation, the PARC software scientists’ contribution to Entervise was instrumental to the streamlined data flow between field technicians and remote experts using Mobile Pro. PARC’s team also created Entervise’s robust back end Content Library and its powerful relationship to the Procedure Creator feature.