Entervise Communication Software is a remote expert collaboration application leveraging the HC1 headset computer by Zebra Technologies. Entervise provides hands-free access to libraries of data, documents and imagery to the field technician as well as offering real-time sharing of voice, data, video streaming and annotated imagery between the field technician and a remote expert anywhere in the world where there is internet access.

Entervise, a multidisciplinary collaboration between IPS’ UX/UI, Software and Product Marketing/Communications teams, is also device agnostic and can be developed for any operating system.

Development of Entervise, the fully voice-operated product encompassed:

User Research
Interviews, needs and tasks analysis, contextual inquiry.

User Scenarios building
Based on research and brainstorming – personas, scripts, storyboards and videos.

Flow Charts
Detailed behavior and flow specification documents.

Prototyping/testing quick cycles
Low Fidelity prototype (Paper Based), Medium Fidelity Prototype (Illustrator, InDesign, Omnigraffe), High Fidelity Prototype (Interactive).