FLI Charge Wireless Power Solutions


FLI Charge has developed an ecosystem of affordable, highly efficient and safe wireless power solutions for everyday life.

IPS’ Industrial Design team redesigned FLI Charge’s product ecosystem, which utilizes wireless conductive power and features elegant charging solutions that simultaneously power multiple devices on the same pad via four contact points known as the Fli Charge Constellation.

In conjunction with the Mechanical Engineering team, our designers refined the entire product line, maintaining a consistent design language and finish while also allowing for a seamless integration of custom branding and white-label opportunities. The team’s redesign efforts included enhanced aesthetics and mechanics for FLI Charge’s product line while also minimizing designs for a more sleek and compact look. The IPS ID team also produced high-quality graphics used for marketing and reimagined the company logo to better represent the core FLI Charge Constellation.

Our 100-person-plus team of seasoned professionals worked closely with FLI Charge to substantially enhance their bandwidth by utilizing our core competencies in graphic and industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering and many other [disciplines],” – Mitch Maiman, President of IPS

“We searched diligently for a firm that was capable of taking our flagship product line from sketches to functional prototypes in a very condensed time frame and IPS delivered on their promises and surpassed all of our expectations – Cliff Weinstein, President of FLI Charge

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