Full Body Scanner


L-3 Security and Detection Systems tasked IPS’ Product Development team with the development of its new generation Advanced People Screening scanner design. This full body scanner is used mainly in airports and other major public areas to enhance security. This aggressive development effort drew upon IPS’ multi-disciplinary talents in Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software, and Program Management.

Development of the Full Body Scanner

Key to the success of the ProVision 2 was the improvement of the user experience for all stakeholders: airport staff, riggers transporting the scanner into or within the facility, technicians preparing the scanners for use as well as the airline staff and the traveling public. This was to be accomplished while continually aligning with and enhancing the L-3 brand to develop a safe, high performance and aesthetically pleasing new design.

The primary goals – increasing Category 3 airport access (significant reduction in overall size, improved installation (time and safety), and allowance for the incorporation of future scanning technologies were all accomplished through IPS’ meticulous product development efforts. Of greatest importance to L-3 was delivery of a very safe non x-ray, high-throughput, and physically compact scanner to allow for faster, smoother traffic flow at airport security checkpoints.

The IPS team realized this challenge by collaborating closely with L-3 SDS and researching the existing system and by employing a multidisciplinary approach to arrive at innovative, robust and cost-saving concepts. This was accomplished while simultaneously satisfying the requirement for a greatly reduced footprint, improved aesthetics, and functionality. IPS was able to hone in on the final system solution while maintaining the integrity of the advanced millimeter scanning technology.

IPS Program Management team coordinated these efforts with L-3 SDS to ensure efficient and close collaboration between the various groups within the project team. The management team also managed the outside vendors employed during both the development phase and prototype manufacturing.

This fast-track, complex and multi-disciplinary project was completed in 10 months within budget. L-3 SDS has subsequently gone on to receive an award from the Transportation Security Administration to supply the second generation of Advanced Imaging Technology with a ceiling value of $245 million.


Provision2 Personnel Scanner – Golden A’ Design Award Winner for Security and Surveillance Products Design Category, 2013