Google Jamboard


The Google Jamboard is a cloud-based collaborative digital whiteboard. The Jamboard is the ultimate collaborative device designed for teams and businesses of all sizes.

Google Jamboard

In development of the Google Jamboard, Google set out to redefine meetings, raising the bar on collaborative team creativity and benefiting from the same real-time collaboration found in G Suite. Jamboard is intelligently designed to speed up collaboration among your teams with a 55-inch 4k display that features a best-in-class touch response time. Combine this with a built-in HD camera, speakers and Wi-Fi, and you’re set up to collaborate and broadcast your work globally with Hangouts. The 55-inch Jamboard fits right into today’s new digital workplace, transforming meetings into an engaging and effective experience, boosting productivity and ultimately improving the bottom line.

In addition to being able to draw, add post-it notes, write with handwriting recognition, and place stickers, you can also run Google web and image searches and add web content to jams, as well as incorporating Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and images saved to Drive. You can do Hangouts, too, thanks to an HD camera built into the bezel above the display.

IPS’ role was to realize design and assist in optics, acoustics and design integrity management. IPS continues the development of a full product family under G Suite for optimizing digital forms of team conferencing.