iKeyp Smart Safe


The iKeyp Smart Safe is a smartphone enabled lockbox that keeps personal belongings secure.

Motivated by the prescription medication abuse and adherence problem in the United States, iKeyp was initially designed to provide a reliable and secure solution. The iKeyp Smart Safe is easy to use and also provides safe and secure storage for any small, personal valuables.

Development of iKeyp’s Smart Safe:

Consumer goals are met through the deployment of a variety of design features and functions. The engineering qualities of the iKeyp Smart Safe were designed to enhance and ensure the all-purpose use goals for the consumer. These include the secure keeping of valuables and documents, medication adherence and remote assistance with same, and ease and convenience of everyday use.

An embedded microcontroller manages unit functionality and power management. For secure keeping of valuables, documents and prescription medications, the consumer connects to a secure iKeyp server through WiFi which sends notifications of status on the state of the safe and reports any tampering which may have occurred. The iKeyp software application allows the consumer to set preferences, allowing caregivers to monitor medication adherence from their smart phone.

The keypad provides clear visual access for keypad entry. The easy to set up app allows remote opening from anywhere. The backup key provides an alternative in case either there are problems with connectivity, the code is forgotten, or the battery runs out. Reminders and notifications allow the safe to help keep track of medication adherence, while the 24/7 monitoring lets users know any time the safe is accessed or tampered with.

Challenges Developing the iKeyp Smart Safe:

Meeting the battery life requirements while using Wi-Fi for connectivity was one of the most challenging parts of the design. It required a holistic approach to define the operation of the device, the App and the cloud services to minimize communication while still providing a good user experience. The resultant approach operates the Wi-Fi module for a few minutes a day. Another challenge was selecting and packaging the components to minimize parts and wiring; reducing costs and maximizing usable internal space.


A’ Design Award at Security and Surveillance Products Design Award Category – 2017

A’ Design Award: Design Details

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