Kea Communication Software


Kea is a Workforce Collaboration Solution that transforms traditional methods of staff management by leveraging the SB1 Smart Badge by Zebra Technologies and creating a highly scalable and effective communication platform. The Kea Communication Software is comprised of three basic modules that include Task, Communication and Device.

Kea Communication Software Modules:

Kea Task enables managers to assign tasks to individuals and groups, prioritize them and monitor them to completion. In addition, tasks can be saved and scheduled for a later date or as a recurring item. Our Analytics feature allows management to view critical data that shows productivity and device statistics.

Effective communication is the key factor in running an efficient organization. Kea Communication software allows for voice, voice to text and text messages to be sent to the device.

The third key module is Kea Device. This tool includes advanced provisioning and staging, device naming and pushing software updates to the device. Kea has been designed to handle large deployments with unlimited group management.

Kea was a multidisciplinary effort combining the skills of IPS’ UX/UI, Software and Product Marketing/Communications teams, is device agnostic and can be utilized by iOS, Android, WinCe and WinMob.

Development of this Workforce Collaboration Solution encompassed:

User Research

Interviews, needs and tasks analysis, contextual inquiry.

User Scenarios building

Based on research and brainstorming – personas, scripts, storyboards and videos.