Lighticians Juicer App


Based in Los Angeles, Lighticians empowers the motion picture lighting industry with embedded intelligent software and wireless control that enables efficient and exquisite lighting. IPS and Lighticians partnered to develop a mobile app that manages motion picture lights wirelessly. The application eliminates the time-consuming and cumbersome process of manually adjusting movie studio lighting.  IPS was able to bring both attractive IoT hardware and elegant software solutions to the table that enhanced the final product.

Development of Lighticians Juicer App

As part of the design process, IPS designed the app with a user interface that enables the lighting technician to see and configure the entire network on their tablet or phone screen. User-friendly colors and the simple to use interface enhance the app’s appeal. IPS built Juicer with a proprietary and smart software stack that integrates everything needed to establish the network, provision each lighting device, and transmit or receive various forms of DMX over IP, such as sACN E1.31, which is compatible with all sACN bridges and devices already in a gaffer’s kit.

“We selected IPS as our product design partner because of its full range of product design expertise, and in particular, its expertise in designing wireless products and mobile software apps. IPS also has the engineering expertise to integrate the app with complex DMX lighting systems and to develop the ShineBox solution.” – Tim Duff, CEO of Lighticians