Reverse Engineering


C-Scape Consulting Corporation, a company that provides “zipper” style sports score feeds to restaurants and sports bars, engaged the IPS team for design and performance improvements to the LED units they provide to the venues for displaying the game results in real time.

Reverse Engineering for C-Scape

After imported displays yielded disappointing results, C-Scape Consulting came to IPS to perform reverse engineering services for a higher quality ticker display vehicle that would both provide consistent LED function, less outage, and in general an improved vehicle for displaying and selling their service. Our engineers reverse engineered the imported boards with our persistent, end-user focused electrical and mechanical engineering skills, we redesigned the boards and cases to ensure a more robust, versatile and better mounted sign. After the completion of reverse engineering an original prototype and four additional signs in March 2013, C-Scape brought a second generation of the newly designed sign with an added acrylic cover to the Nightclub & Bar convention & trade show in Las Vegas where it performed superbly and was very well received.

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