Schoolwide Web-Based Curriculum


Schoolwide’s mission is to improve the performance of students by providing teachers with effective tools. IPS and Schoolwide partnered to develop a web-based curriculum solution that provides educators (K–8) with a searchable online database of standards-aligned curriculum resources.

Development of Schoolwide Web-Based Curriculum:

As part of the software development effort, IPS created a customized CMS (Content Management System) to make it easy for Schoolwide editors to convert their paper curriculum into a digital format for Fundamentals Unlimited. Additionally, the advanced features built into Fundamentals Unlimited allow teachers to leverage the huge amount of content that Schoolwide offers in their curriculum in a way that’s quick and easy and fits into their normal day-to-day activities. Our team worked seamlessly with Schoolwide at an incredible pace to develop this solution.

“IPS was a fantastic software development partner because of its expertise in a full range of software product design and its speed—the entire solution was developed in five months, enabling us to get this software solution to schools and teachers in time for the new school year.” – Ladi Davies, Schoolwide’s Vice President of Educational Solutions

Press on IPS and Schoolwide

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