Transportation Solutions


IPS’ Transportation Solutions┬áteam has changed how the general population perceives travel by transit bus. The new concept promises to deliver a spacious interior dedicated to a passenger experience marked by openness and enough space to breathe freely. With clear lines of sight to the outside environment, these new, comfortable transit buses can make bus travel a viable alternative in situations where it was not so before.

The interior of the bus features a one-deck layout which is reinforced visually by the single panel, front-to-back glazing on the sides of the vehicle. Subtle differences in line between the glazed panels and the outside frame design evoke an aerodynamic stream of forward propulsion.

On the technical side, the transportation solutions team is also investigating the development of propulsion, energy storage and power conversion “pods” that could be serviced quickly by removing or swapping them out when needed during maintenance intervals. This modular concept provides easier access to critical components for more efficient fleet operations intended to reduce costly downtime for transit fleets.