Wearable Headset Computer


IPS provided Motorola Solutions (now Zebra Technologies) with full multi-functional support for the development of the HC1 – a wearable headset computer. The system includes voice recognition, WLAN/BT, 9-axis head tracking, wireless communications and a 15″ micro display. Key project areas included overall Program Management, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Systems Engineering, User Experience and Human Factors, Software Design and Product Marketing & Communications.

The IPS Program Management team coordinated every aspect of the product development, including budget management, schedule and phase gates, cost control, quality assurance and testing and validation. The team was also responsible for extensive vendor relations management and coordination between Motorola, its technology partner Kopin and upwards of a dozen additional outside software and hardware vendors worldwide to develop and produce the HC1. Full IPS team involvement included trouble shooting, proof of concept evaluation, components selection, PCB layouts, cables and connections, weight distribution and the full documentation package and transfer to the manufacturing partner. System level software was coordinated and integrated between multiple partners.

The IPS Marketing team provides ongoing support to the HC1 launch effort including extensive customer relationship management and product messaging support spanning Early Adopter phase through Go-to-Market.

Key involvements in the Headset Computer include:

Voice of the customer program
Content development
Graphic design
Monthly news communications & copywriting
Video script creation and editing
Events planning (partner conferences/gala banquets/competitions)
HC1 technical & sales training materials content and execution
University outreach program (NYIT and Texas A & M)
Industry/University/HC1 connection program
Awards and promotions