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Consumer & Enterprise applications

Years of experience and proven performance in data software development services for IoT, search-oriented solutions, custom analytics, application stacks, integration, hosting, cloud services, support. Programs scalable to fit your organization and processes developed to precisely fit your needs. Consumer and enterprise applications for intuitive and aesthetic user experience.

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Mobile Applications

Solid software development track record in mobility solutions for enterprise/consumer across all platforms on any device at any location – all tablets and phones. Including payment integration, e-store development, video streaming, annotation, real time collaboration, logistics, scanning, voice driven technologies.

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Experience Design

Fresh and compelling interfaces delight customers and enhance loyalty to your brand. Improved usability and apps that are both intuitive and fun to use. Experience design resting on founding principles of research, engaging customers, intuitive flow, easy access to information (if no one can find it, what good is it?), simplicity, aesthetics and consistency.

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Platforms and Expertise

IPS is known for its broad experience and deep knowledge in both legacy and emerging technologies and programs.

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Our Clients

Great software starts with valuable partnerships. Let's build a relationship - long or short term. Whatever you need.