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Our SW and UX/UI teams developed Kea, a Workforce Collaboration Solution, which enables managers to assign tasks to individuals and groups, prioritize them and monitor them to completion. Development of this solution encompassed user research such as interviews, needs and tasks analysis, contextual inquiry, user scenario building, and brainstorming. Building this app from the ground up, our software developers also took care of all the back-end development including implementation of an analytics feature and allowing for voice to text capabilities. This cross-platform app can be used on several operating systems such as iOS, Android, WinCe and WinMob.


SW teams deploy KEA workforce management to all devices, on all platforms.


IPS developed a system concept design for a start-up company with a mission to provide an innovative cloud-based platform and mobile network for targeted digital advertising. Work included technology assessments and recommendations, high-level system specifications, and animated video to crystallize the system concept and value proposition, and a mobile app demo. This technology-driven advertising platform required our expertise in graphic design, video production, big data, analytics, and IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity.

Businesses create ads.

Vehicles display ads.

Customers save money.