Internet of Things

IPS’ long standing expertise in the elements of product design and development for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and usability includes diverse communication methods (WiFi, WAN/cellular, BT, GPS, NFC, ZigBee, etc) at hardware, firmware and applications software levels. Our team has broad experience in sensors (physical environment, optical, biometric), end-user facing cross platform application development for mobile and desktop systems on all major OS’s and we design enterprise and consumer UX/UI interfaces for software and hardware. In addition, our engineers and designers conduct research defining product opportunities for technology companies and consumer firms; we create products that bring smart, sensing and connected devices to market enabling speedy, reliable data capture and data transfer. We also integrate Internet of Things elements into existing products making the IoT solutions deployable. The IPS team takes pride in design and engineering for simplicity, scalability, ease of deployment, upgradability and optimized manufacturing. Read about our Internet of Things consulting practice in the news or contact us here to get more information on our experience with IoT technology.


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