Internet of Things

IPS Engineering, Software and UX/UI teams deliver complete Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for both industrial and consumer applications. We provide the full range of services necessary to connect devices, send data to the cloud provide analytics and convert data to information of value to your organizations or clients.


We integrate IoT elements into existing products for deployable solutions. We design for simplicity, scalability, upgradability ease of deployment and optimized manufacturing; our range of product design services spans from home automation and wearables to healthcare, industrial and more.


We create products that bring smart, sensing and connected devices to market enabling speedy, reliable data capture and transfer. Our experience in sensor development includes physical environment, optical, and biometric.

Application Software

End-user facing cross platform app development for mobile and desktop systems on all major OS’s; we design enterprise and consumer UX/UI interfaces for software and hardware.


WiFi – BlueTooth – NFC

WAN/ cellular – GPS – ZigBee

Motion Sensors – ANT+ – Cloud Analytics


Internet of Things Solutions Provided For:

AdhereTech Smart Pill Bottle

Lighticians Juicer App

iKeyp Smart Safe





IPS IoT White Papers:

How to Future-Proof Your IoT Software Solutions

Danny Aponte, Senior Director of Software Engineering & IT

Co-Development of Healthcare IoT Software: Software as a Medical Tool (SaMT)

Danny Aponte, Senior Director of Software Engineering & IT