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  • Wearable Technology

    Wearable Technology

    Sustained growth in wearable technology computing/scanning and self-quantification products continues in both consumer and enterprise categories. IPS' wearable technology developers design and engineer efficient, effective wearable technology solutions for fast-paced, high performance use cases. We develop products for use in markets including warehousing, logistics, biomedicine, field service and construction. You can take an in-depth look at the development process our wearable technology developers used for Motorola's (now Zebra Technologies) Wearable Headset Computer. Contact us today for more information regarding our experience with engineering wearable technology.  

    Wearable Technology Solutions Provided For 

    Nixie HC 1 SUNY Stony Brook Motorola Symbol Technologies

  • Internet of Things

    Internet of Things

    IPS Engineering, Software and UX/UI teams deliver complete Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for both industrial and consumer applications. We provide the full range of services necessary to connect devices, send data to the cloud provide analytics and convert data to information of value to your organizations or clients. Hardware We integrate IoT elements into existing products for deployable solutions. We design for simplicity, scalability, upgradability ease of deployment and optimized manufacturing; our range of product design services spans from home automation and wearables to healthcare, industrial and more. Firmware We create products that bring smart, sensing and connected devices to market enabling speedy, reliable data capture and transfer. Our experience in sensor development includes physical environment, optical, and biometric. Application Software End-user facing cross platform app development for mobile and desktop systems on all major OS’s; we design enterprise and consumer UX/UI interfaces for software and hardware. Technology WiFi - BlueTooth - NFC WAN/ cellular - GPS - ZigBee Motion Sensors - ANT+ - Cloud Analytics  

    Internet of Things Solutions Provided For:

    AdhereTech Smart Pill Bottle Lighticians Juicer App iKeyp Smart Safe Canary BeerBox Motorola iSentium

    IPS IoT White Papers:

    How to Future-Proof Your IoT Software Solutions Danny Aponte, Senior Director of Software Engineering & IT Co-Development of Healthcare IoT Software: Software as a Medical Tool (SaMT) Danny Aponte, Senior Director of Software Engineering & IT

  • Retail Tracking Solutions

    Retail Tracking Solutions

    IPS software and embedded systems teams develop advanced retail tracking technology for both sides of the register. Ranging from drivers that talk to advanced peripherals to cashier/register interface, IPS solutions enhance the efficiency of retail experience workflow. We excel at developing interfaces between registers and scanners. Clients rely on our solutions for engineering control objects, object linking and embedding, store systems improvement and enhanced RFID technology. Services include design and engineering clients’ products’ micro architecture and meeting requirements for unified UPOS spec as well as optimized data collection solutions.  

    Retail Tracking Solutions Provided For 

    Cozumo CVS (Optical Fusion) KEA

  • Advanced Security and Authentication

    Advanced Security and Authentication

    Heightened global safety and security concerns underscore a growing need for advanced security and authentication and screening systems which deploy biometric sensors and scanners, RFID tags, optimized “sniffing” and technologies for the detection of various materials. IPS’ EE and Embedded Systems teams, joined with the company’s ID and SW application talent produce highly advanced, fully integrated custom security and detection systems.  

    Advanced Security and Authentication Solutions Provided For 

    Applied DNA Sciences L3 Security and Detection Systems Social Bicycles

  • Voice Driven UX/UI

    Voice Driven UX/UI

    The growing need for hands-free access to critical information is a leading factor in the rapid growth of wearable technology and voice-driven UX/UI. IPS’ extensive experience in the wearable space combines with the ID team’s human-centered design techniques to meet real user goals resulting in robust, intuitive products for next-generation enterprise and consumer applications. Our expertise includes integrating the functionalities of multiple voice engines and platforms already on the marketing to create new applications that maximize searchability and device control, and to facilitate real-time voice and data sharing.

    Voice Driven UX/UI Solutions Provided For 

    Zebra Technologies Wearable Headset Computer ENTERVISE

  • Smart Signage and Interactive Kiosks

    Smart Signage and Interactive Kiosks

    The changing face of many industry sectors --  including retail, hospitality, healthcare and logistics --  require innovations to smart signage and interactive display technologies that support faster information relay and data collection. IPS’ mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software and embedded systems teams works in collaboration with the industrial Design and UX/UI group to design and engineer high tech controller boards for displays with video capabilities, touchscreen interface and custom lighting.  

    Smart Signage and Interactive Kiosks Solutions Provided For 

    Pepsico ParkAssist Airo Wireless Motorola Solutions Intellidyne

  • Enterprise Applications

    Enterprise Applications

    The requirements on today’s enterprise applications are changing. IPS' enterprise application developers build robust applications for both businesses and enterprises across multiple industries and sectors. Applications are designed for simple, clean interfaces and with optimal functionality for enhanced workflow and data collection, including database development, transporting data, navigation, workflow management and ratar building. IPS’ enterprise application developers design products that can be fully integrated with all devices and platforms in use, including all mobile devices – strategies and road maps created and deployed on behalf of industry, and enable smooth transitions to newly efficient systems and increased productivity.  

    Enterprise Applications Solutions Provided For 

    KEA Morstan Insurance Clever Devices Motorola

  • Energy Storage and Power Management

    Energy Storage and Power Management

    IPS has extensive experience in energy storage and power management including ultracapacitor design, multiple battery packs and battery characterization are a hallmark of IPS’ ability to design and develop products for maximum battery performance. Elements for power conversion include lithium, nickel and sodium. The EE and embedded systems teams engineer products requiring long lasting, reliable batteries for use in high pressure and stress applications.  

    Energy Storage and Power Management Solutions Provided For 

    Maxwell AiroWireless Motorola Solutions Gavin Motors

  • Cross Platform and Mobile Development

    Cross Platform and Mobile Development

    The features and functionality of enterprise and consumer mobile technologies are continually evolving. With a wealth of tools to enrich native and cross-platform performance for mobile development, IPS offers expertise on all major platforms including Android, Apple, Windows, HTML5, C ++ and java, plus many others. This breadth of capability allows us to perform cross platform development, custom software and system modifications. With IPS’ highest standards in UX/UI design the teams develop enterprise workflow tools that streamline the business systems for organizations of any size.  

    Cross Platform and Mobile Development Solutions Provided For 

    Clever Devices Andretti Autosport KEA

  • Productization Consulting

    Productization Consulting

    Productization Consulting is early, mid or late stage consulting in hardware product design for manufacture and software product design for deployment. Keen focus on maintenance of design intention and integrity while optimizing performance, scalability and efficiency. Services also include white space brainstorming, product line expansion feasibility studies, and understanding product requirements gathering/New Product Development process as it impacts clients’ budgets and product release schedules.  

    Productization Consulting Solutions Provided For 

    Interdigital AZEK Building Products CEL Scranton Products

  • Advanced Transportation Design

    Advanced Transportation Design

    The current transportation market requires efficient, high performance vehicles and accessories to be compatible with environmental concerns and strictly comply with industry and government regulations.  Along with IPS’ extensive experience in the development of electric hybrid systems, batteries and ultracapacitors, the fully integrated teams are experienced in vehicle interior transportation design including commercial aircraft seating and advanced bus interior and exterior concepts. ID, ME, SW, EE and embedded systems teams ensure proper meeting of requirements, including safety regulations, disability and accessibility factors, maintenance issues, and seating/standing density regulations.  

    Advanced Transportation Design Solutions Provided For  

    EMD Design Line Bus Gabus Automotive Intellidyne

  • Miniaturization and Ruggedization

    Miniaturization and Ruggedization

    IPS' design and engineering teams consistently update techniques and materials information necessary to ensure highest functioning miniaturized and/or ruggedized generations of client products. Our miniaturization and ruggedization services include component selection, board packaging, categorized cushion timings, integration and the design of intrinsically safe (iSafe) products – including implementation and oversight for a series of qualification and reliability growth tests to meet or exceed expectations for the most compact or rugged device possible. The ID teams involvement ensures smooth lines and sleek functionality.  

    Miniaturization and Ruggedization Solutions Provided For 

    HC1 Power Probe Airo Wireless L-3 Security and Detection Systems CEL