IPS created a new smart connected lighting control system for our client, Lighticians, partnering with them to develop a mobile app that manages motion picture lights wirelessly.

The IPS-designed app eliminates the time-consuming and cumbersome process of manually adjusting movie studio lighting. The Lighticians mobile app, called Juicer App, is now being used on movie shooting locations and in studio sound stages.

Smart Wireless Lighting Control

The system puts smart wireless lighting control directly into the hands of the Lighting Technicians (Gaffers) and replaces/augments the use of the legacy hard-wired control boards.

The system integrates a custom mobile application and a dedicated wireless network on set to allow control of virtually any lighting fixture regardless of manufacturer/brand/capability. The system allows quick setup, breakdown, and offers radically improved productivity/flexibility for Gaffers on set by not requiring them to hardwire dozens (or hundreds) of fixtures into a fixed control panel.

This productivity boost results in substantial cost savings as one of the most expensive times in TV or movie production is when waiting for the gaffers to finish adjusting the lighting as instructed by the Lighting Director enhancing the creative process.

This system requires industrial grade reliability and long service life which dictated the application of a custom platform. In order to communicate with so many devices required a wireless platform able to handle the bandwidth requirements. Hence, a WiFi-based infrastructure was selected and optimized for ease of configuring the fixtures in the network without requiring an IT background. Security protocols were implemented in order to control system access while still allowing multiple authorized users access to the dedicated lighting network sharing set configuration information and allowing recall of saved projects from prior shoots.

“We selected IPS as our product design partner because of its full range of product design expertise, and in particular, its expertise in designing wireless products and mobile software apps.”

– Tim Duff, CEO of Lighticians


IPS’ software team helped to develop a lighting application for gaffers in TV/Film production to make the set-up process simple.

“Dynamic lighting is crucial to visual storytelling. The pace of content creation is faster than ever and exceeds the resources available to productions, placing pressure on gaffers and other lighting creatives to do more with less — which is why we saw a need for our Juicer App.  The Juicer App and ShineBox wireless system also allow the gaffer to provide more cost-effective lighting solutions and controls for smaller on-location sets that would normally only allow for manual control.” – Tim Duff

Watch the video to understand how the product works ↓

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