IPS’ Product Development Process Series

Welcome to IPS’ blog series covering the process for successful product development with geographically dispersed teams during times such as these.

Over many years of designing and developing products ranging from simple plastic items to complicated online vending systems, the IPS development team has learned a lot about the product development process.

We hope the insights we share here will be beneficial to all the talented, high-energy,  enthusiastic developers and engineers who continue to collaborate online to help alleviate some of the health conditions that have become of great concern to all of us.


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Product Development Blog Series

This series of about a dozen posts will be published periodically from May through July 2020. Please don’t hesitate to connect with us regarding your questions or comments. And keep up the great collaborations!

Post in the series include:


Observations and Recommendations: Product Development During a Crisis

Different efforts require different tools. This is as true of organizing an online-only product development effort as it is of the development effort itself.

Overview of the Product Development Process

There are key steps and considerations in the process that must be covered in order for products, whether a software application or hardware product to be both scalable and/or manufacturable.

How to Get Started Developing Your New Product

Advice from a Senior Product Development Executive on leading the product development process. Let’s assume that you are leading the initial charge in the product realization process. So, what should to do first, you may ask?

The Concept Development Phase

All experienced product developers understand plans can change. But failing to invest time at the outset to generate a well-considered plan with agreed upon goals can have disastrous consequences.

How to Communicate with Clients During the Product Development Process

How to Communicate with Clients During the Product Development Process: Tailoring Cadence and Content to Customer Needs and Preferences. Communicating with your clients during product development effort is a necessity but can often be difficult to navigate.

Q&A with Senior Product Development Engineers

Get an inside look at the product development process for each discipline including electrical, mechanical, software engineering as well as industrial design, UI/UX and systems architecture.

Prototype vs. Production Ready Design

What's the difference between a working prototype and a production ready design.