Unrelenting Dedication to Great Product Design

Great product design means achieving the perfect union between beauty and function. Whether designing a mobile app or a mobile computer, our goal is always to delight users by providing them with a seamless and impeccable experience.

Leviton Inform™ Industrial IoT Technology


Industrial IoT Technology

Steinway Spirio | r High Resolution Piano

Spirio | r


Dominion eon FR


eon FR

Boogio Bionic Foot Sensors


Bionic Foot Sensors

Cinebody Super 8 Case


Super 8 Case

Aero Pure UV Air Purification

Aero Pure

UV Air Purification

Datacubed Base Station

Data Cubed

Base Station

AB InBev Tasman Smart Keg

Smart Keg

Smart Keg

ADNAS Hyper-spectral Camera

Applied DNA Sciences

Rapid Reader Hyper-Spectral Camera

Digi Transport ® LR54 Router


Transport ® LR54 Router

Digital Fly Social Media Monitoring App

Digital Fly

Social Media Monitoring App

Hoplite Power Mobile Charger Kiosk

Hoplite Power

Mobile Charger Kiosk

Centralite Light Switch Automation


Light Switch Automation

EyeTemp Heat Sensor Monitor


Heat Sensor Monitor

Compass Realty Sign


Smart Realty Sign

Librestream Onsight Cube Industrial Wearable Camera


Industrial Wearable Camera

BeerBox IoT Beer Vending Machine

AB InBev Beer Box

Smart Beverage Vending

IPS Partners with Schoolwide to Develop First Web-based Curriculum Resource Solution


Curriculum Collaboration Software

Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard

Collaborative Digital Whiteboard

AdhereTech Smart Pill Bottle


Smart Pill Bottle

charity: water Smart Well Sensor

charity: water

IoT Monitored Wells

Personal Guitar Workshop

Personal Guitar Workshop

Guitar Stringer

Monster Grinders Herb Grinder Redesign

Monster Grinders

Herb Grinder

Lighticians Juicer App - Lighticians IoT smart Lighting


Juicer App

Vita instant smoothie maker


Countertop Instant Nutritious Smoothie Maker

FliCharge Wireless Charging

FLI Charge

Wireless Charging Solution

Trade Show Package Tracking Software | Centralized Logisitics Tracker

T3 Expo

Trade-show package tracking software

iKeyp Safe


Smart Personal Safe

L3 Airport Security Full Body Scanner

L3 Communications

Airport Security

L3 Intellicore Software L3 Intellicore Enterprise Web Application

L3 IntelliCore

Central Network Monitor Software

Enhanced Vision Smart Reader

Enhanced Vision

Smart Reader

Power Probe Automative Tool

Power Probe

Automotive Tool

Canary IoT home security


Connect IoT Home Security

Motorola (Zebra) HC-1 Headset Computer

Motorola (Zebra)

HC-1 Headset Computer

Entervise Communication Software


Communication Software