Communication Software

Entervise Communication Software is a remote expert collaboration application leveraging the HC1 headset computer by Zebra Technologies. Entervise provides hands-free access to libraries of data, documents and imagery to the field technician as well as offering real-time sharing of voice, data, video streaming and annotated imagery between the field technician and a remote expert anywhere in the world where there is internet access. IPS teams created, designed and developed the enterprise software product in its entirety.

Entervise Communication Software


IPS conducted extensive user research interviews, needs and tasks analysis and contextual inquiry, as well as building user scenarios through personas, scripts, storyboards and videos. The team issued detailed behavior and slow specifications documents.

Tasks also included all levels of prototyping:
Low Fidelity prototype (Paper Based), Medium Fidelity Prototype (Illustrator, InDesign, Omnigraffe), High Fidelity Prototype (Interactive).


Entervise Communication Software
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